Our Team

Vimmi Sethi

Director – Academics

Ms Vimmi Sethi has 27 years worth of experience teaching English as a language and subject. In her capacity as a high school teacher and private tutor, she has performed a wide range of tasks. She has been regularly conducting workshops for high school and college students and teachers on English speaking, personality development, public speaking, and active listening. Over the years, she has overseen multiple teacher training programs that are geared towards developing teachers’ diverse skill sets that are included but not limited to, improving writing, sharpening vocabulary, and enhancing reading abilities. Additionally, she has worked as a resource person to successfully create and develop an English curriculum for a varied range of education levels.

Ms Sethi is driven by the passion for empowering every student holistically. During academic journeys, she is equally focused on empowering students with life skills. Her teaching is an amalgamation of knowledge, life skills, and values-based education. She is an active practitioner of yoga and meditation and extends the patience that is learned through these activities to her art of teaching as well.